Mobility funds

On the Move-The performing arts traveller’s toolkit is a website dedicated to international mobility and informations on the areas of theatre, dance, music and other performing arts disciplines.
The European Cultural Foundation-ECF supports artists as well as organizations and networks working on innovative cultural co-operation projects at the European level.

Thomassen Fund is a mobility fund dedicated to the reinforcement of the collaborations and co-operations between individuals/trainers in cultural management in Europe wishing to exchange and build partenerships. The fund is managed by Encatc.

Fonds Roberto Cimetta offers travel bursaries dedicated to artists and cultural managers living in countries of the Mediterranean borders. The aim is to encourage the development of a network, the exchange of experiences and informations to devize projects.
Young Arab theater fundest is a support fund for young directors and independant artists living and working in the Arabic world. The aim is to favor the conditions to the development of an independant theatre and performing arts.

Art Moves Africa (AMA) aims at favoring cultural and artistic exhanges in Africa. AMA offers travel bursaries to artists, professionnals of the arts and cultural operators to travel inside and between five African regions in order to initiate exchanges of information, to improve their competences and to develop informal networks and co-operations.