Research on women access to key management job in the cultural sector

The number of women taking part to cultural management training programs constantly increases. However the number of them who reach a post equivalent to their training level remains lower.

Artemis is a research project that aims to experiment various actions allowing women to reach the professional level of responsibility they wish to get according to their skills and competences.
They concern the employers’ public awareness as well as taking on board the gender issue in the cultural sector. The study will identify the positive and negative elements influencing this highly sensitive equal opportunity topic. Concrete innovative proposals will be made to improve the situation.

The Association Hicter is the leader of Artemis, an Equal project organized with as partners : La Vénerie cultural center, CESEP and FLORA, a gender network.

Partner Organizations :

Centre Culturel de la Vénerie
Observatoire des Métiers et des Qualifications