Lobby networks


Ex-EFAH (European Forum for Arts and Heritage) is a platform for cultural policy development in Europe : for action and reflection, for monitoring and feedback; a rallying point for active cultural operators in Europe; a networked organisation which stimulates genuine debate and policy development. EFAH has 65 organisational members at local, regional, national and European level.


Informal European Theatre Meeting is a membership organisation which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment, by initiating and facilitating professional networking and communication, the dynamic exchange of information, know-how transfer and presentations of examples of good practice. This organization gathers actually 400 professionnal structures from 45 countries


is a resource center on cultural and artistic innovations. This network connects artists, exchanges at the European level with 35 partners from 20 countries and participates to the evaluation of projects and to the expertise on questions relatives to the cultural democratization in Europe. It brings together association officials, towns, experts and researchers, cultural workers and artists, who are familiar with questions of neighbourhood artistic performances aimed at people who are usually excluded. Art here is not intended as “soul food”, but as the driving force of an exchange, of a communal reflection, of a new artistic beginning shared with the population.


This organization works on the interface between the cultural democratization and the cultural democracy processes and the cultural sector emancipation from public authorities especially in Romania and in Central and Eastern Europe.


The goal of BalkanKult is the communicational, professional and technical support for transborder artistic and cultural ties and independent exchanges of information within the countries of and also throughout Europe. It produces a database of institutions and individuals active in the field of culture in the Balkan area.