Cultural trainings

The Association Hicter has developed during 20 years a wide range of cultural management training programs in Belgium, Europe and Africa.

Training cultural managers and especially the ones launching co-operation project is at the heart of the Association’s activity. The goal is not only to develop their skills and competences. It is clearly to enable them to reinforce their capacities to implement projects including innovative dynamics of cultural development.

Each training course is specific by structure and approach of the reality but all of them aim at reinforcing the empowerment of cultural managers at the European level. The pedagogy is based on interactive exchanges between trainers and trainees on current issues.

The idea behind this process is that cultural policies, although strategically important are lacking momentum at national levels and are inexistant at the European level. On the other hand, the market is now setting the rules, the standarts, and instrumentalizing both culture and the arts. It is thus high time to train a generation of cultural managers as well as administrators to enable cultural democracy and artistic creativity to freely blossom.