Partnerships support

Support of partnerships between schools and cultural organizations

Support of partnerships between schools and cultural organizations. Since 2000 the Association Hicter supervises each year around twenty cultural projects organized in partnership between cultural organizations and schools in Brussels.

These projects are implemented within the framework of the Brussels Region’s program called « Anim’Action et projet d’école ». The Association helps the establishment of partnerships working on cultural projects involving school pupils, and provides methodological advices to run them. It assesses all the projects and makes proposals to improve the program. This enables us to pinpoint different trends observed regarding cultural practices in school environment.

« Anim’Action et projets d’école » is a public program run by Brussels’ public authorities. It enables to develop cultural projects during school hours in partnership with cultural NGOs in the French speaking schools of Brussels. This program aims at strengthening the relational and creative dimensions of the educational and pedagogical missions developed by schools. It implies an active participation of pupils within « real » projects.